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What COVID-19 safety protocols are in place?

We continue to take Covid precautions seriously.  Dancers & parents, please familiarize yourself with our updated studio safety policies (as of 03/01/22).  We adhere to all local/DCPS Covid safety mandates.

- Effective April 1st, 2022, masks are optional for most classes at the DIDA studio.
- We will continue to verify proof of vaccination for all students.
- Enhanced cleaning protocols will continue to be followed.

What is the youngest age you enroll?

The youngest age to enroll in our Shamrock Beginner Program is 5 years old.  We invite children as young as 2 to attend along with a parent in our interactive District Tots class which is slated to re-commence in 2022.

Do you offer classes for adults?

Yes we do!  We have a diverse, fun and growing adult Irish dance community!  We invite those new to Irish dance to join us as well as those with previous experience.  Irish dance is a great fitness activity in an artistic and social atmosphere.  Learn more about our adult program!

There is a perception that Irish dance involves lots of wigs and expensive costumes.  Is that the case at District Irish Dance?

We strive to promote individuality and confidence in every dancer who steps foot in our studio.  The “wigs and jigs” impression is a largely inflated, singular image of the Irish dance competitive circuit.  We encourage both recreational and competitive tracks.  We promote natural hair and traditional, understated costuming, as well as an ongoing refocus on the quality of dancing and the art form itself.  We strive to ensure our school image is in keeping with tradition, and we want to make sure that families feel that their wallets are not overwhelmed by expensive costume elements.

What kind of performance opportunities are there for District Students?

At District Academy, we absolutely LOVE to perform and we aim to provide positive, growth-focused opportunities throughout the year (not just St. Patrick's Day!) to enable all of our dancers to showcase their hard work and dedication.  We are active in the local community, often appearing at farmers markets, nursing homes and other community centers.  Dancers in District Troupe and Show Class are provided even more pre-professional performance outlets, and we have appeared at prestigious venues including the Kennedy Center, The Irish Embassy and on television including Fox5 DC on St. Patrick's Day!

What is the commitment for classes and how does tuition work?

For all weekly-held classes (what we call our "Academy Program"), tuition is assessed on a monthly basis and classes run for a 10-month school year, September-June.  As with any activity that involves honing a skill, it takes time to progress and does require a commitment.  We permit all students to make changes to their class schedule and/or withdraw without penalty within the first 30 days of attending a class.  After the 30 day permitted withdrawal window, there is an obligation to continue paying tuition for the remainder of the school year.  Withdrawals are not permitted except in specific circumstances.  Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our class/studio policies.

Does tuition need to be paid up front?


We do not require tuition to be paid up front.  Instead, for all Academy Program/weekly classes, we split tuition up into 10 monthly installment payments, billed via auto-pay through ClassBug, our registration portal.  Tuition is the same for each month.  Clients should they like may choose to pay their tuition in full under “balance payment” on their family account on ClassBug.

Are make-up classes permitted?

We do permit make-up classes.  Our policy is as follows:  should a student need to miss a class, we must be informed via e-mail at least four hours prior to that absence in order to grant a make-up class credit.  Classes may be made up within one month, and students should contact us in order to schedule a make-up.  Sorry, we can't pro-rate tuition due to missed classes.

Do you enroll dancers year-round?

Depending on the class and space permitting, we do allow students to register year-round.  We often require new students to complete a number of private lessons to get caught up, and the start date is at the discretion of the instructor (usually at the start of the month).

I’m not ready to commit (or commit my child) to a full term of classes.  Are there other options or drop-ins?

We of course understand the timing might not be right to commit which is why we offer several 6-week courses and drop-in style classes, including Beginner Adults (6-week session), Beginner Youth (6-week session) Skills & Drills class (drop-in) and Celtic Fit (drop-in), our unique all-level & ages Irish dance workout.

How much do classes cost?

Monthly fees for academy program classes begin at $105, and, as you might expect, the more hours/week you attend, the less it ends up costing per class.  Celtic Fit, workshops and other drop-in classes start at $15.

Do you offer any discounts for siblings or multiple class sign-ups?

Yes!  We offer tiered sibling pricing as well as discounts for students who enroll in more than 2 classes in a term.  For our most dedicated District dancers, we also offer Studio Pass options which provide substantial value for those who plan to attend 3+ classes weekly.

What kind of shoes should be worn to class?


Irish dance is all about the shoes!  Visit our Shoe Info Page to learn about the appropriate shoes for class.

Is there anything else dancers should wear/bring?


Dancers must wear athletic attire for all classes.  Jeans, overly restrictive or objectionable/revealing clothing is not suitable for our studio.  With the exception of Shamrock Level and Adult classes, all dancers must wear the DIDA Studio Uniform - consisting of:  black T-shirt (or tank top), black short (or leggings), and poodle socks (for female dancers).  Click here to order DIDA-branded Studio Uniform items.  Dancers should also bring a water bottle or they may purchase water at the studio. 

See you at the studio!

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